How to Clean a Gas Grill

So How to Clean a Gas Grill ?Like any of the utensils, gas grill also needs to be cleaned after use. Whatever be the type of grill you are using, it needs to be cleaned and post use cleaning is essential to maintain the grill in the perfect hygienic condition. Best gas grill, well cleaned and maintained looks good in appearance. It may help to give trouble free long service. The grilled food gives good taste and there is no chance of heavy smoke smell in the cooked food due to build up of smoke if it is not cleaned properly. If the grills are left unclean there is every chance for bacteria formation and that might spoil the food.

There are a lot of differences between various grills but cleaning process would be almost same. Most of gas grills have protective coating such as porcelain enamel coating and that is easy to clean. You can use mild dishwashing detergent mixed with water and clean with a soft micro fiber. To make it easy you can allow the mild detergent to season the grill for some time to clean up the mess. Though it is not recommended to season, it is ideal to do it for a better shining result. You may also refer to the owner’s manual to understand the dos and don’ts of grill cleaning.

How to Clean Gas grill

Recommended to clean the grill after every use 

After every use, it would be better if you clean your gas grill or be sure that you make some effort to clean your gas grill regularly. If the grill is not cleaned properly the performance of the grill may deteriorate resulting in low temperatures, food clogging to the grates, uneven heating episodes etc. To avoid all these problems plan a monthly cleaning at least.

How to Clean a Gas Grill Procedure:-

Basics of cleaning

Wipe the surface of the grill with paper towel or cotton rag. Then use a good cleaning liquid. For porcelain coated surface, it is ideal to use glass cleaner and for stainless surface it is ideal to use stainless cleaner. Buff the stainless steel surface with grain by using a microfiber to get better result.

The side tables can be cleaned by using stainless steel cleaner by using microfiber towel. If you can buff it with grain that will give a better result. Use a mild detergent to soak the surface for better result.

Take some extra care while cleaning the cook box. After your gas grill is completely cooled down, remove the Flavorizer bar and cooking grates, brush out the accumulated grease and debris in the drip tray by using a grill brush. Then remove the drip tray and clean the collected debris. Use some mild detergent and buff it using a microfiber and wipe with paper towel and allow for drying.

Before you start cooking, put on all burners to the maximum temperature for 10-15 minutes. This practice will let the food residue to burn out completely. After allowing the gas grill to get cool down, you can brush the area by using a stainless steel bristle brush.

Routine cleaning and semi-annual cleaning 

Cleaning of your gas grill can be done in two ways, the routine cleaning and semi-annual cleaning. When doing the routine cleaning, after the grill is cooled down, wipe the burners, grill grates and drip pan by using paper towel and make sure the area is clean from any cooking debris. Sticky debris can be removed by using steel brush.

The grilling grates need to be cleaned after every useRegular cleaning will prevent the food from sticking to the grill while you do the grill cooking. As a first choice of cleaning action you can remove the debris if any by using a steel brush. Then use some mild detergent to wash the surface and wipe the area with a paper towel. Allow the grates to dry in the open air.

Semi – annual cleaning is a must 

It is recommended to do a thorough cleaning semi annually. For this the grill needs to be dismantled step by step as given in the manual. Disconnect the gas connection and dismantle the grills one by one. The burners need to be checked for clogging. Clogged burner is a reason for uneven heating. If the burner is having clogs knock off the debris to clean it and if it is difficult to clean, then replace the burner. Do give proper care while cleaning the burner because burner is the important part of the grill that cooks your food properly.

Clean the grill grates and drip tray by using mild detergent. Season it for some time and buff it with microfiber. Wash the parts with clean water. After the cleaning is done wipe the parts with paper towel and allow drying in the air.

Exterior of the gas grill has to be cleaned by using mild detergent. The mild detergent will remove any spilled oil or grease on the body. To remove hard stubborn baked deposits or stains scrub the area with a sponge. While doing the scrub, scrub along the grain of the stainless steel. Rubbing against the grain will damage the polish of the stainless steel. After cleaning wash the area with warm water. Then wipe the area with a paper towel or cleaning cloth. You can use a stainless cleaner to polish the body once the surface is dry.

Be careful when you clean porcelain coated grills

The porcelain coated cast iron grates have to be cleaned with dish washing soap and water. Since porcelain is fragile, never knock the grill to remove any deposits. Use paper towel or micro fiber towel to dry the grill. After the grill is dried, polish it by using a window cleaner.

Regular use of gas grill may produce color changes in some parts of the grill area especially the interior side of the burner portion. As long as the surface is clean and no food debris is seen accumulated to the area, don’t try to clean it further. Just leave it as it is, it does not affect the quality of cooking.

Tips to mange drip pan

Cleaning the drip tray will be a tricky issue. The accumulation of grease in the tray sometimes would be reason for flaring up. There is an easy to way to manage the problem. Keep an aluminium foil as a liner and fill it with Barbeque grease absorbent mixture. The mixture will absorb the grease and you can remove the waste along with the aluminium foil.

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So i hope now i cleared How to Clean a Gas Grill , also Pre heat the grill before the next use. This will help to burn out all left out food residues. Gas grill reviews can introduce a lot of easy cleaning tips, so make sure to read as much reviews. By adhering to the simple cleaning practices, you will have a happy grilling experience.

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