Weber 51060001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill Review [In-dept Honest review]

Weber 51060001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill Review

Hello, Today we gonna Review This Gas grill which is among top best gas grills under $200 tag It comes fully assembled out of the box and have electric ignition for hassle-free start!

8 Fancy colors titanium,fuchsia,black,blue,green,orange,purple,red. It is much lightweight and good looking the taste of cooked food is matching more than charcoal grill you will feel that standard. Price is 199$ (yes it is among Best gas grills under $200)


I have been using the Large Genesis Weber Grill 3-4 times a week all summer since last spring.
Having an old propane camp stove, which I never used, I decided to buy this grill as a replacement to use on our road trips in our RV. The heat in the grill is well distributed and the grill heats up very fast.
I need an inbuilt thermometer to monitor my convection cooking aspect and paying extra for it has
actually helped me. Watching the temperature helps me in cooking in the Large Weber Grill. Even
though the side platforms do not look nice, they come in handy while cooking. Cleaning is the best
aspect of this product and we can set it up in our RV with ease. The quality of this product is
awesome and I have not encountered any weaknesses as of yet. Assembling the product was easy and
it does not take much time. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a table top
grill. Although it is to early to say that this is the best grill I have used so far, but if it more durable
than the others I have used, it'll surely be the greatest grill I will ever come across.

Even though I bought this grill a month back, and I am using it twice a week, this grill is surely a
better one than most other grill I have owned overtime. The best part about this grill is its way of
cleaning up as I usually let it sit in ammonia for some time (overnight) and then, wash it using kitchen
gloves. It has even heat distribution, which helps in delicious cooking. No covering is required when
it comes to ammonia cleaning but you can use a plastic bag or an airtight container as the ammonia
fumes help in cleaning. Cleaning the grill is necessary before cooking. The igniter is another awesome
feature of this grill and if it does not breakdown, it is by far the most superior grill I will ever come
across. I hope it passes the test of durability and I have not hold myself back from giving a five star
because of its superior quality. Even though it is bulky when it comes to price, you can buy this one
provided it lasts longer than the others do.

I chose this grill as a replacement for my burned out 3-burner Walmart grill and the reason behind
choosing this grill is its compact size and portable design making it the best tailgating grill at this
price range. It is smaller than the grill I own and I can accommodate up to eight burgers on the
porcelain-coated grates, which are made of iron. The grates are great during searing of meat. I never
got the crust on my burgers, which I had expected. Therefore, I bought griddles for $40 and this
upgrade has helped me a lot. The grill runs on standard 1lb propane bottles, but an adapter is all I had
needed to make my grill run on standard 20lb propane tanks. Weber sells these at a range from $25 to
$30 but I got the adapters from a clearance sale at $7. Weber also sells a cover and a cart for this grill.
I plan to purchase these. I have used this grill for two months and I have a feeling that this will last
longer. I am very satisfied with the product and recommend it to my friends all the time. Especially, I
take this grill for my football tailgating parties as its easy for transportation and assembling. All I do is

drop the tailgate of my truck, link with propane tanks and fire the grill on at the highest setting and by
the time, I am done with the bottle of beer, I can cook the best burgers in town. Do not hesitate while
buying a Weber Q grill. Even though the modifications make this product a bit expensive, having
them will help you for a better experience while cooking and will avoid all hassles and will only
provide you with fresh cooking all the time.

Physical Details
Dimensions = 20.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 inches| Weight = 35.3 pounds | Manufacturer = Weber | Looks ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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